First ever Queer Pride Parade in Nepal : How is it special?

Nepal is about to organize its own First Pride Parade. The Pride Parade begins at 10 am in Fibwa Khya (Maitighar Mandala) on June 29. The pride parade is unique in many ways. While there has been LGBTI marches in Nepal by Blue Diamond Society since 2010, it isn’t an actual Pride Parade. Sunil Babu Panta, the founder of Blue Diamond Society tells that the LGBTI march on the festival of Gai Jatra is just an extension of the pride parade and not the parade itself. [1]

Pride Parade Banner.png

The first ever pride parade happening in Nepal has some amazing aspects you’d definitely feel delighted about.

  1. This is completely youth-led. It is lead by young people below the age of 25.
  2. This is completely self-funded. The organizers are doing this from their own pockets.
  3. This is the first ever Pride Month celebration through a queer led group. While few small events as flag raising was organized by US Embassy on Pride Month, this is the first event being actually led by queer identifying people.
  4. It is beyond just “LGBT”. The organizers have painted banners with more than twenty four different terminologies of gender and sexuality with an aim to break the LGBT only narrative.
  5. It is reclaiming indigenous name. The place Maitighar Mandala is the heart of most protests organized in the capital. Before the land was taken for SAARC summit decoration, there were small sand dunes and the land traditionally belonged to a deity Fibwa Ajimaa. The event is re-claiming the native name “Fibwa Khya” instead of Maitighar Mandala.
  6. The Pride Parade has multilingual signs. It is breaking the Nepali language only or Nepali-English slogans. Nepal Bhasa and Tamang languages are also being used. The main banner is also tetralingual.
  7. The Pride Parade is intersectional. The slogans in the Pride Parade is bringing intersectionality into the mainstream of the event.

Here is the official page pf Nepal Pride Parade to follow more.

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