Nigam Khanal abuses LGBTIQ Nepalese on The Kathmandu Post debate


Nigam Khanal, a graduate student of University of New Brunswick begun using abusive language to LGBTIQ activists of Nepal. The graduate student of the university located in NB, Canada is a ciswoman from Nepalese origin.

A fiction story posted by the Kathmandu Post drew controversy and sparked. The whole article is about a woman who sexually molests other women in bus. The article sparked out debate over social media saying it romanticizes sexual molestation. Initially the writer herself did not show up. After few weeks, an article supporting her gets published in the same media. A heterosexual cisgender man posts that LGBTIQ+ people are being fragile and getting offended. Many heterosexual people with social capitals and access to media come out in one and starts to support the writer when she finally writes up her justification.

Following the thread, Nigam Khanal made a transphobic abusive retweet.

On a sarcastic tweet with the  she started making transphobic and abusive tweets. Based on Canada, she had been following and making numerous Western country based tweets from cisgender women who were radically opposing equal rights for transwomen. She had been commenting on threads of many other transwomen with abusive remarks.

With the debate of the Kathmandu Post, her transphobic online abuse was brought to many Nepalese LGBTIQ activists on Twitter.

This wasn’t the first time Nigam Khanal had targeted Nepalese LGBTIQ activists. In past she has made similar abusive retweets with misgendering transgender activists.


Nigam is Peer Advisor at International Students Adviser’s Office, University of New Brunswick; a Graduate Assistant at University of New Brunswick;  Programme Presenter at Hits F.M. 91.2  and Research Assistant at Programme for Accountability in Nepal (PRAN). She is even an event co-ordinator at Nepali Cultural Association of New Brunswick (NCANB).

A symbolic protest against her abuse was also begun on twitter as . TERCO : Trans Exclusionary Radical Cisgender Women exclude trans women from women’s spaces characterized by transphobia. Transphobic radfems seem to almost universally reject the concept of cisgender privilege. Sometimes, “exclusionary” is expanded as “eliminationist” or “exterminationist” instead to more accurately convey the degree to which TECOs advocate for harm towards trans people, specifically trans women.


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