TKP’s article on a lesbian woman sparks debate over social media

The Conversation

The Kathmandu Post’s story of a lesbian woman which was written by a Khas-Arya heterosexual cisgender woman sparks debate over social media. Mallika Chaulagain a Khas-Arya heterosexual cisgender woman wrote a fictional article ‘The secret adventure of a rich woman‘. She talks about a rich woman who travels in a car everyday.

The first paragraph starts from here, “People in Kathmandu might find the public transportation daunting and headache-inducing at times, but for me, it is heaven. Heaven of bodies. Female bodies. And an escape from the banalities of my life.” It might not have been a problem until this but then the second paragraph goes as,  “Packed buses are a perfect opportunity for me to touch a female. A simple caress on their back or an elbow to their breasts. And yet they don’t seem to realise that I have been doing it intentionally. Occasionally, someone looks at me when the touch lingers a moment more than appropriate. Other times they just look straight ahead, probably unaware that somebody’s hands are running all over their body.”

The whole article is a woman who sexually molests other women in bus. The article sparked out debate over social media saying it romanticizes sexual molestation. Initially the writer herself did not show up. After few weeks, an article supporting her gets published in the same media. A heterosexual cisgender man posts that LGBTIQ+ people are being fragile and getting offended. Many heterosexual people with social capitals and access to media come out in one and starts to support the writer when she finally writes up her justification.

The debates are now being sparked not just on how problematic the portrayal of the article was but how heterosexual people can navigate their social capital and privilege to shield themselves no matter whatever they speak.

An article published just because a Khas-Arya heterosexual cisgender woman was criticized of writing a problematic story about something she isn’t representing at all.



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