Kantipur TV HD misgenders a transwoman, false reports

A complaint at Nepal Press Council has been filed against Kantipur TV HD for misgender a transwoman and calling her a ‘third gender’. Kantipur HD TV was also complained of providing incorrect information of a real issue.

Rukshana Kapali, 20 year old queer rights activists made a press release objecting to the news that Kantipur HD TV aired on the television.

Press release in Khas Nepali language

Rukshana Kapali complained that despite she engaged with the repoter for hours and spent her emotional labour in explaining her case, incorrect information was aired on national news program. She was denied of registration at Tribhuvan University due to her gender identity.

She has clearly mentioned the reporter that she identifies as a transgender woman. Nepalese media have been reportedly confusing transgender people with third gender. She had also called out many other local media who misgender her.

The aired news also told that she had a third gender citizenship, which was a false statement. She never had a citizenship that mentioned her as third gender. In all her documents she shows the mention of herself as transgender woman.

The news also said that her teacher abused her while she asserts that she said principal. Kantipur HD TV narrater her story by twisting her own narrative.

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