Queer womxn voices at Women’s Day Rally

The Pride of LBTI / Queer / MOGAI women has taken up the streets of the capital of Nepal, in  a rally on International Women’s Day every year. However, this year, the Queer womxn narratives have also been raised loudly. Queer Youth Group organized an event to gather queer women, lesbian, bisexual women, intersex women, and women of diverse sexual orientations.


The word ‘womxn‘ was used instead of ‘woman’ the rally in order to claim a language where ‘man’ does not become the central or by default gender. “Wo-mux, Wo-mux”, said the rally peeps to pronounce ‘womxn’.


The rally demanded for a broader inclusive women’s movement that is intersectional. Intersectional means that includes women of diverse ethnicities, and communities. Queer women, women who are not heterosexuals, have been left out, ignored and erased in the mainstream women movement.

Transwomen are not even considered as women. Transwomen asserted that they are not third genders, they need to be included in the spectrum of womanhood. Many transwomen have denied forcefully being labeled as ‘third gender’ and voiced that the woman’s definition is still cisnormative and cissexist.

“Transwomen are women, Lesbian women to be included, Queer women deserve a space, Feminism is intersectional, ….” were the chantings that uproared in the rally.

Around Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Space, what is also called as ‘Bwojyaa Khyo‘ in the Newa language, a tree was marked as the ‘Queer Tree’. #QueerTreeKathmandu

The Queer Tree
Marking the Queer tree



(Pictures can be used for free fair content)

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